WARNING! Your Internet activity can be tracked. If the person who is harming you has access to your computer, use a trusted friend's or a computer at the library. If you need immediate assistance, call 911.

Services We Provide

All CARDV services are free and confidential. If you have questions about any of our services call our 24-hour hotline 541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197.

24-Hour Hotline

541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197

Staffed 24 hours-a-day, CARDV's hotline is available to provide support, information, safety planning and other resources to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, as well as their supporters.

  • Help for victims/survivors/support persons
  • Crisis intervention
  • Legal/court advocacy, information about restraining orders and other legal options
  • Information and referral for other community services
  • One-on-one peer support
  • Access to emergency shelter

Restraining Order Assistance

541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197

CARDV Advocates are at the court houses in Linn and Benton Counties every day to help with restraining, stalking and sexual assault protective orders. Please note: we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. Legal advocates can provide support and information about the court process.

  • Assistance with restraining and stalking order paperwork
  • Accompaniment to court hearings
  • 24 hour support on CARDV's hotline

24-Hour Emergency Shelter

541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197

  • A confidential safe place for survivors of domestic violence
  • Transportation to shelter available
  • Food and necessities provided
  • Advocacy, assistance with medical, legal, and social service agencies
  • Case management
  • Referrals to community agencies for parenting support
  • One-on-one peer support

Crisis Response

Emergency: call 9-1-1

541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197

  • 24-hour emergency response and in-person advocacy at Samaritan Corvallis, Albany and Lebanon hospitals.
  • 24-hour on-scene response to law enforcement calls
  • Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors

Educating to End Violence

541-758-0219 or email CARDV

Presentations and trainings available for:

  • Community groups
  • Parent groups
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Professional developement

Support Groups

541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197

Support groups for survivors of doemstic violence and sexual assault. Call for current information about ongoing groups.