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Volunteer Appreciation BBQ

28 June 2016 | 11:15 am

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At CARDV, we greatly rely on our volunteers to help us provide services to survivors.  This is our opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers!  If you want to become a CARDV Volunteer, see our Volunteer Page for more information.

Whether you provide support in our shelters, serve at one of our events, greet visitors at our Advocacy Center, or support CARDV in any other number of ways--YOU make a difference!

Please join us for a free picnic, as our way of saying thank you.  Bring your family and loved ones and meet other great volunteers. 

Wednesday, August. 24, 2016

Scout Cabin
1970 SW Allen St., Corvallis
(next to Marysville Golf and Avery Park)

Click here to RSVP (before August 3rd).
Questions? Email Sarah Devine, Volunteer Coordinator or call (541) 738-8319 x306


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