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Travel-size toiletries...helpful or not?

1 August 2016 | 4:46 pm

There's no denying it, those miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion from your most recent hotel stay are very cute; however, in an effort to use our resources more efficiently, CARDV can no longer accept donations of travel-size toiletries.  We made this change because we found that single-use toiletries are not as useful as full-size items for our clients staying in shelter or relocating.  

One group of dedicated CARDV supporters tookt his idea and ran with it by assembling and donating dozens of "Welcome to Shelter" toiletry kits, complete with all the full-size items someone might need when fleeting a violence home. Contact Crystal if you want to provide kits for shelter residents.

We encourage you to donate your travel-size toiletries to the Mario Pastega Guest House, a comfortable “home away from home” for out-of-area patients and families traveling to Corvallis for specialized medical care.  

Pastega House, 3505 NW Samaritan Drive, Corvallis.
Donations accepted:  Mon-Fri, 6a-11p; Sat-Sun, 9a-9p
Phone: (541) 768-4650

*Due to space limitations, we cannot accept general clothing donations.  Please consider donating these items to other local organizations such as Vina Moses, Arc Resale, etc.

Items can be dropped off at CARDV Administrative Office, 4786 SW Philomath Blvd, Corvallis. 
Questions? (541) 758-0219 x302

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