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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

6 April 2017 | 2:17 pm

Sexual violence affects Oregonians every day.   By working together we can create the social change needed to end sexual violence. 

What can you do? (Click here to download a full poster pack PDF.)

    Every individual has a role to play:
    • Educate yourself about sexual assault and how to support a survivor. Click here for resources.
    • Support survivors of sexual assault when they talk about their experience. 
    • Use your voice to educate others about the prevalence of sexual assault and counter victim-blaming. 
    • Be mindful of messages in the media that do not support survivors and of what you post on your own social media pages.  Everyone deserves safety and respect.

    In addition to participating in local events to promote awareness and educate about sexual assault, here are some suggestions on how to support a friend or family member that has experienced sexual assault:
    • Believe her/him.  Let the survivor know that you believe them and that the assault was not their fault.
    • Listen. Listen with compassion and without judgement.  Avoid questions that begin with “why.”
    • Encourage her/him to seek additional support.  Let the survivor know that CARDV’s Crisis & Support Line is available 24 hours a day: (541) 754-0110 or (800) 927-0197 and can offer support and information as well as connect survivors with resources.

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