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Longtime Tradition Continues to Draw Crowds

15 March 2016 | 12:21 pm

 For over 30 years the community has joined together for a fun-filled evening to raise funds for services to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence. This year’s Spaghetti Dinner was one of the biggest yet! THANK YOU to everyone that came out, donated and otherwise made this event fun and successful.

The meeting hall of the First Congregational Church of Christ was brightly decorated by Kohl’s Volunteers with cheerful plants donated by Peoria Gardens. Volunteers from Rotary Club of Corvallis Morning and Target served guests delicious food donated by Valley Catering, Big River Breads, New Morning Bakery, and Yogurt Extreme.

Special thanks to: Janet Knudson, Katie Melton, Karen Mills, Mark Wang, Carol Jauquet, Mina Carson, and CARDV Board and Volunteers.


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