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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

31 March 2015 | 4:45 pm

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Join with us as Oregon State University is hosting a variety of events, open to the community, to raise awareness this month.

  • April 8 - Documentary Screening: Miss Representation
  • April 10 - Kappa Delta Sorority's Philanthropy: Mock Rock
  • April 14 - Survivor Resource Panel
  • April 15 - Documentary Screening: The Mask You Live In
  • April 17 - 4th Annual Social Justice Conference & 4th Annual International Health Conference: Gender and Violence
  • April 20 - Cultural Barriers to Reporting
  • April 22 - Documentary Screening: Brave Miss World
  • April 24 - Debunking Myths of Same-Sex Domestic Abuse
  • April 29 - Denim Day - Denim DayDenim Day is an international demonstration of solidarity with survivors of sexual assault.  It was triggered by a court case that overruled a rape charge on the basis that the victim must have assisted in the removal of her jeans because they were too tight to have been removed by the assailant alone
  • April 29 - Take Back the Night - Take Back the Night is a night dedicated to ending sexual violence. The evening’s activities include a march to express the strength of women and men allies uniting together to end sexual violence.
 Click here for more information, descriptions and locations.

Stay connected with awareness raising activities by following the
National Sexual Violence Resource Center or the
No More campaign.

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