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Corvallis Knights Nonprofit Night

24 July 2014 | 4:40 pm

Join us at the Corvallis Knights Nonprofit BBQ night on Thursday, August 7th.

Goss Stadium, 430 SW Langton Place, Corvallis.
(BBQ starts at 5:45p, Game starts 7:15p)
Help us win FREE advertising at Corvallis Knights—the nonprofit that has the most supporters present will be awarded a FREE radio billboard ad for the 2015 season! 

Tickets are $18 general seating/$21 reserved and include admission to the BBQ before the game.

How to participate:
Purchase tickets either in-person or over the phone and IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS A CARDV SUPPORTER. That’s it!

 Questions? Contact Justine at Corvallis Knights (541) 752- 5656

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