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Holiday Gift Program 2014

13 October 2014 | 6:06 pm

For a family trying to escape violence, coming to CARDV’s emergency shelter is a brave and scary choice. Families often come to the shelter with only the clothes on their backs. Parents in shelter look for ways to help their children feel comfortable and safe. During the holidays, you can help parents do just that.

Each year CARDV hosts a Holiday Gift Program where members of the community are invited to donate new, unwrapped gifts. With the support of volunteers, the CARDV offices are turned into a "Holiday Store" where parents can come, pick out items for their children (and themselves), wrap them and take them for their own celebration.

CARDV clients tell us:
“I don't know what I would have done without your help and support.”

“I think the staff was very understanding and really care about the people they help. It was such a comfort at a terrible time.”

Would you like to help make the holidays brighter for CARDV clients and their children? Contact Amanda Kraus at amanda.kraus@cardv.org for more information. 

CARDV protects the identity and confidentiality of all its clients. All photos are of volunteers who helped with the holiday program last year.

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