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Code #22, What is the Oregon Charitable Checkoff?

4 February 2016 | 10:06 am

Code #22 - What is the Oregon Charitable Checkoff? And How Can It Benefit CARDV?

Through Oregon's Charitable Checkoff campaign, individual taxpayers have an opportunity to donate a portion of their state income tax refund to the OCADSV's member programs that provide direct services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  As a member agency, CARDV will receive a portion of the refund donations.
Please take the time while filing your personal state income tax to include code #22 for Domestic and Sexual Violence on the Charitable Checkoff portion of your tax form. If tax professionals prepare your Oregon tax forms, inform them that you would like a portion of your refund to go to domestic and sexual violence services, code #22.

How do I donate?

The 2015 process is different than in years past.  Here are the steps to donate a portion of your refund to support domestic and sexual violence services:
  • Click here to obtain Oregon Tax Form 40 Packet.  Enter the dollar amount on Line 46 you wish to donate to charities.
  • On page 41 of the above tax packet, complete Schedule OR-D.  Enter the dollar amount on Line 16 you wish to donate. (“Stop Domestic and Sexual Violence – Code 22). 
  • Total all charitable donations on Line 30 of Schedule OR-D.  This should match Line 46 of OR Tax Form 40.
  • You’re done!  Thank you for your donation.
If you have any questions about the Charitable Checkoff campaign, you can call the Oregon Department of Revenue at 503-378-4988 or contact Debbie Fox at OCADSV at 503-230-1951 x 301 or email Debbie at debbie (at) ocadsv (dot) org.

Information adapted from Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (OCADSV), http://www.ocadsv.org/.

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