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Chalk About Love - Outreach to Teens/Tweens

2 March 2017 | 4:33 pm

Teens experience some of the highest rates of rape and sexual assault, with 1 in 3 reporting abuse from a dating partner.  Click here to learn more about Teen Dating Violence.

This last February - Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month -  we partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Santiam Teen Center— The VAULT to bring a national event to our teens locally.  Chalk About Love is a national campaign where teens write their feelings about love in chalk  to encourage conversation about healthy relationships.  (Click here to learn more about Chalk About Love.)

Students enjoyed a free BBQ before taking to the chalkboards which they filled with messages and drawings.  Some of their messages included:  “Love means to love everyone for who they are” and "Love is respectful.”  (Click here to read Lebanon Express' coverage of the event.)

We really enjoyed the event and have since expanded our partnership to provide more support to teens.  Click here to read more about our Teen Dating Education Programs.

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