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Celebrating 35 Years in Photos

5 July 2016 | 3:57 pm

Notes from June 1981 meeting.  Our name, "Center
Against Rape and Domestic Violence, " was chosen
because it was bold, direct and a political statement.

Deb Ross and Barb Sussex, Co-Executive Directors,
open presents at a shower for CARDV's first shelter,
Advocates answer crisis line in staff area at
CARDV's first shelter, 1986.
Executive Director GayLynn Pack (on right) at the
dedication of the Pack House Shelter in 1997.

CARDV's corn on the cob booth at the Fall Festival,

Winner of CARDV's first Poster Contest - Eric
Gordon, Corvallis High School, 2006.
CARDV's Advocacy Center, open to the public in

Candlelight Vigil on the Linn County Courthouse
steps for Domestic Violence Awareness Month,
October 2015.

Traveling Display from Domestic Violence
Awareness Month, October 2015.
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book "The Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence: A
Local History of a National Movement." 
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