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Agency Update - Summer 2017

29 June 2017 | 11:22 am

Many community partners help CARDV deliver services to survivors.  One partnership I would like to highlight is with South Albany High School (SAHS).  This spring, SAHS invited CARDV to be involved with a pilot program, Rebels Rising.  This was a great way for CARDV to talk about healthy relationships with teens.  Each week we were able to engage with teens about such issues as warning signs, digital abuse, stalking, and how to help a friend.  We hope this model program will continue and can be duplicated to provide teens with the tools they need to navigate their often confusing world.  I am looking forward to many more opportunities to spend time with teens discussing healthy relationships. 

As the school year comes to a close, it’s not too early to start talking with your school’s leadership about including these conversations in next year’s classroom plan.  If you are a teacher or school principal and would like to request a presentation, please click here. 

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