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Agency Update Fall 2016

17 October 2016 | 12:12 pm

This fall, the Women’s Foundation of Oregon released a report about women and girls, Count Her In.  There was a lot to celebrate in the report, like the many contributions women make to improve Oregon.  A statistic to highlight from the report is that an estimated 1 Million Oregon women and girls - over half of the state’s female population - have experienced some form of sexual or domestic violence.  This is an astounding number of survivors and a validation of the need for CARDV’s services.  

Each year, we help thousands of survivors reach and attain safety.  Yet there are still many survivors who are unfamiliar with our services.  We continue to expand our outreach efforts in the community and ask for your help in connecting with those who have in the past, or are currently, experiencing domestic or sexual violence and could benefit from our services. 

Click here to read more about Count Her In, and access the full report. 

Comments can be sent to Letetia Wilson at (541) 738-8319 x308 or click here to email Letetia.

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