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Advocate for Social Justice Award, Patti Kenyon

3 February 2017 | 10:26 am

We are proud to announce Patti Kenyon, RN and Sarah’s Place Supervisor, as the 2016 Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice.  This is the highest honor that CARDV reserves for a member of the community who goes above and beyond in their field to serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

As an experienced Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), Patti has dedicated her professional career to providing medical care for survivors of sexual assault.  Patti sees survivors when they are most vulnerable, just after an assault, as part of an exam to collect forensic evidence.  This exam is invasive, time consuming, and Patti treats each survivor with the kindness, understanding, and the humanity they deserve.

Patti was instrumental in the creation of Sarah’s Place (Samaritan Health Services’ regional sexual assault medical center) which provides trauma informed care for survivors of sexual assault.  It is because of Patti’s dedication to survivors that they now have a truly safe, quiet, and confidential place to receive care. 

Her attentiveness to survivor needs informed the design of the center. Simply having the option to take a warm shower on-site after an exam can help survivors begin the process of healing.  It's little details like that and the example Patti is setting on a state-wide level that make us hopeful about the rights and treatment of survivors.  We are grateful to work in the same service area with Patti.  

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