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15 Years Strong: Mother’s Day (Weekend) Run/Walk

1 December 2016 | 4:38 pm

Thank you to everyone who made our 15th Annual Mother’s Day (Weekend) Run/Walk an enormous success! Approximately 500 runners and walkers braved cold, wet weather to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence.  Over $30,000 was raised for survivors services, thank you!

The updated course gave runners a fast and enjoyable run "This was a fun, flat, fast course with few turns and intersections. Perfect for someone looking for a 5k PR run!” — 5K Runner, Bill Lear.  Walkers appreciated the beautiful  stroll through historic Oregon State University Campus.

Congratulations to the Monmouth OHSU RNners who are our 2017 Largest Team with 29 team members!  Runners up were Peak Internet Team and LBCC Nurses Team with 20 and 19 members respectively.

A special shout out to our emcee Oregon State Senator Sara Gelser, and everyone that provided additional support: OSU Men’s Soccer team, Suburban Christian Church, Linn County Road Department, BCSO Reserves, Kappa Delta, UHDS Residential Conferences, Five Star Sports, and the Bush Pilots Band. 

Additional thanks to all prize donors, event sponsors, Family Fun Fair participants, and of course, our amazing committee and all the volunteers that make this event possible. SAVE-THE-DATE: Saturday, May 12, 2018!

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